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Kyneton Pumper: Type 3


Model: Isuzu FRR 500

Pump Capacity: 3000lpm @  700kPa

Tank Capacity: 1200lts

A Class Foam: 100lts

B Class Foam: 100lts

Other Items: Breathing apparatus x 2, Spare Cylinders x 6, Splash Suits x 2, Fully Encapsulated Gas Suits x 2, Thermal Imaging Camera, Multi Gas Detector , Low Voltage Fuse Removal, Quick-cut Saw, Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan, Halligan Tool, Assorted Hoses, Hydrants, Ladders, Branches and Hand Tools

Kyneton Tanker: 3.4c


Model: Hino Ranger PRO 8z crew cab

Pump Capacity: 1000 lpm @ 700 kpa

Tank Capacity: 3750lts

A Class Foam: 4 x 20lt drums

B Class Foam: 80lts

Other Items: Monitor, Breathing Apparatus x 2, Spare Cylinders x 2, Splash Suits x 2, Chainsaw, Assorted Hoses, Hydrants, Ladder, Branches and Hand Tools.


Kyneton FCV: Toyota Land Cruiser


Model: Toyota Land Cruiser 70 GXL

Other Items: Lighting Plant,Decontamination Kit, Decontamination Shower and Dam, Breathing Apparatus Airlines, Generator